Faculty of Philosophy


JUBILEE - 70 YEARS Institute of Pedagogy

Faculty of Philosophy, Ss Cyril and Methodius University- Skopje, Republic of Macedonia

International Scientific Conference


Ohrid, 19-21st September 2016
Organizer: Institute of Pedagogy
Faculty of Philosophy – Skopje


Dear colleagues,

The Institute of Pedagogy at the Faculty of Philosophy in Skopje organizes an International scientific conference entitled Pedagogy on a modern global society. The occasion is the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Institute of Pedagogy, one of the oldest institutes in the Faculty of Philosophy at the University Ss. Cyril and Methodius in Skopje.

The scientific conference gives the opportunity to explore current issues and challenges of the pedagogical science, which contemporary development has been marked by its crisis and expansion, its glorification and denial, and by the contradictions between the educational theory and practice. The aim of the conference is to reflect on what the globalization brings to the pedagogy and the educational policy. In that context a particular focus will be put on the following questions: What kind of pedagogy is possible today in the circumstances of postmodern globalization and democratization. What pedagogy and education is needed for the new generations that have different behavior styles and value system? What concept of lifelong learning and professional development is required for the teachers and pedagogues, and what steps need to be done to improve the quality and efficiency of education that prepares for the society of knowledge?

The main theme will be discussed through a number of topic areas that are offered as scientific contribution to the interpretation and promotion of the pedagogy in terms of globalization. Taking into consideration your professional expertise and interest in the offered areas, we kindly invite you to take part in this scientific conference.


• Pedagogical theories, concepts and research approaches of the pedagogy and education in a contemporary global society;
• Modern educational systems, educational policy and globalization;
• Pedagogy, the human rights and democratic citizenship;
• Intercultural and multicultural education in the circumstances of globalization;
• Contemporary challenges of early learning and development;
• Higher education, internationalization and mobility;
• Upbringing and values in a contemporary global society;
• The pedagogical concept of the modern school and teaching in the light of globalization;
• Modern methodical concepts in teaching;
• Pedagogical approaches to evaluation, self-evaluation and quality assurance in education and training;
• Pedagogy and modern information and communication technologies;
• The challenges of the teacher profession in the context of contemporary global society;
• Pedagogy and lifelong learning;
• Educational management, entrepreneurship and globalization;
• Modern challenges and approaches in social pedagogy;
• Inclusive education: policies and good practices;
• Vocational education and training.